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ACMS trainers and assessors are dedicated, experienced professionals with qualifications from a variety of vocations, business, HR and management including training and assessment, government, injury rehabilitation management, finance through to higher education including a Bachelor Degree in Business, Graduate Diploma of Social Ecology and Graduate Diploma of Strategic Leadership


Along with providing consulting services within the vocational, education and training (VET) sector, ACMS directors have significant experience in the management and operations of private and community Registered Training Organisations as well as senior management experience in sectors involving Corporate, TAFE, University, Small Business/Franchising and Not for Profit organisations.




Provide high quality learning and development services for organisations, government agencies, community and individuals through delivering a variety of accredited and non-accredited training and assessment solutions from customised, quality transformational qualifications and business courses  including specialising in recognition of participant’s skills and knowledge and prior courses relevant to the participant’s course delivered and assessed by ACMS’ dedicated team of experienced, qualified trainers who have over 30 years of experience in vocational training. 


Design and delivery of high level specialist consultancy services to support registered training organisations (RTO) as part of the Australian vocational education and training (VET) sector; along with motivational business coaching, mentoring and leadership programs in a formal process that addresses change management and cultural shifts that deal with significant change arising from internal and external conditions.


Company Profile - ACMS Consulting, Training, Coaching and Mentoring Services        


The Australian College of Management Studies (ACMS) is a flexible consulting organisation offering quality personalised learning and development consulting, training, coaching and mentoring solutions to Australian registered training organisations (RTO) led by highly experienced and qualified vocational specialists with over 30 years within the vocational education and training (VET) sector including until recently as a registered training organisation (RTO) since 1992.


ACMS RTO Consulting Services comprise:

  • Working with your organisation to become an RTO or purchase an RTO, or if you are an existing RTO and require compliance and re-registration support in preparing for a national audit under the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA), the national VET regulator (NVR)
  • Health checks involving a review of your RTO operational functions, systems, policies and procedures against NVR requirements, providing a comprehensive report with recommendations to update against the standards or for continuous improvement purposes to operate an RTO
  • Assessment Validation services to satisfyASQA’s Standards for RTOs 2015.  RTO’s validation plans must ensure that every training product on your scope of registration undergoes validation at least once every five years; and RTOs must validate at least 50% of the training products in the first three years of that cycle. Our experienced validators map your RTO assessment materials against the training package requirements to identify missing or inadequate assessment of Knowledge and Performance Evidence and Performance Criteria and will also assess the overall quality and compliance of your training tools against the required 2015 Standards for RTOs
  • RTO Administration back office support involving, but not limited to processes such as:

- language, literacy, numeracy (LLN) tests specific to the AQF qualification level

- training needs analysis (TNA) - review of individual or organisational capability to identify

  skills requirements and gaps against an AQF qualification, unit or skill set

- recording enrolments

- issuing of learning and assessment resources
- recording assessment progression and completion
- issuing certificates and testamurs 

- recent requirements to complete surveys for at least 50% of employers and participants
- complete annual reporting of completion rates
- AVETMISS reporting from RTO's to NCVER and funding bodies as applicable

- extensions to scope of registration of updated or new qualifications and units of competency (UoC’s)

  • ACMS offers customised course design and development of high quality, NVR compliant learning and development resources for selected qualifications and UoCs. Packages include:
  • Learner and Assessment Guides - full course and recognition of prior learning (RPL) guides
  • Formative and Summative Assessment Tools mapped to the course requirements
  • Trainer/Assessor Guides with suggested answers including options to contextualise existing proprietary material to suit your specific cohort and clients’ industry needs/target market
  • PowerPoint Slides that support workshop delivery reflecting storyboard format, creative,  colourful and mapped to the learner and assessment guides
  • eLearning Resources - sourced from online providers, or add our guides to your platform
  • Relevant Checklists, Templates, Forms and other supplementary resources to support  workshop delivery
  • ACMS learning and assessment resources are provided in editable Word Doc files, customised  with your RTO’s logo and name.  Some licencing conditions may apply.

Whether you need RTO learning and assessment resources for one or more units of competence or a full Qualification accredited course or simply require learning resources for corporate training or soft skills, we can assist you to attain your goals.


ACMS experienced instructional designers work with you to design a course you will be proud to own and deliver while ensuring it is mapped to the requirements of each unit of competency at the AQF level required using the world renowned “ADDIE” instructional design method, ensuring that the resource development process follows best practice quality processes and meets your precise needs.


The ADDIE Instructional Design Method of Analysis, Design, Development, Implement, Evaluate stages ensure that proper planning and process is undertaken to determine your exact requirements and that your training and assessment resources are developed meticulously to meet competency requirements as well as your organisational needs.

Clustered or Unit by Unit Design

As instructional design professionals, we understand the benefit of clustering units of competence to reduce duplication of common or repetitive content that often exists across like units.  ACMS will assist your RTO to produce more efficient course design and reduce assessment marking for your assessors.


Our resources come with Trainer Guides that include mapping to each unit of competency, at least 2 assessment tools with benchmarks and checklists.


ACMS Training and Assessment Services


ACMS highly experienced, qualified vocational specialists can be contracted to deliver training and assessment services as full course, recognition of prior learning (RPL) or blend of both via workshops or distance for  vocational qualifications on your RTO scope of registration in the areas of Human Resources Management; Business; Leadership and Management; Quality Auditing; Work Health and Safety; and Government.


ACMS also deliver a large variety of professional development (PD) coaching and mentoring corporate information workshops which can be adapted to suit the individual business requirements for any size organisation.  See our attached list of PD short courses on the ACMS website: http://www.acmstudies.com.au/professional_development_short_courses.html


Coaching and Mentoring Corporate Services


Challenges today for executives includes creating change within their organisations to keep up with a fast-paced world constantly evolving due to economic, political, social and technological changes.


Coaching and mentoring is crucial  in developing employees’ potential and work performance as well as improving employee engagement in organisations along with having a positive impact on organisational culture.


ACMS facilitators have many years of experience in leading teams, delivering leadership training and management development programs both accredited and non-accredited courses and related workshop facilitation and can work with your organisation to assist in a variety of ways to empower staff from leaders and executives to help improve teamwork to expand on their skills and behaviours required to boost on-the-job effectiveness through facilitating team-building and leadership skills.


Our experienced mentors help individuals become better team players, involving individual or small group coaching around how their behaviours are impacting the team either pro or con, teaching them the attributes of an effective team, team player and the skills required by good team players.


This is applied through providing an environment where trust is facilitated so that they feel safe sharing their fears and issues that prevent them from becoming a more effective team player.


Our leadership development, business consulting and coaching programs are flexible to adapt to the corporate mission, values and beliefs of your organisation by providing tailored coaching, mentoring and consulting programs to suit any size organisation and across all industries. 


Professional Public Speaking Presentations


ACMS experienced facilitators are available to deliver visionary public speaking services from a range of topics to suit all business requirements.  Presentations can be adapted from any of the courses we  deliver based on accredited or non-accredited topics which we have subject matter expertise in and supported by creative, colourful PowerPoint slides that generate interest, knowledge and some fun!


Strengths - ACMS consultants provide:

  • Quality customised learning and assessment solutions through consultation and customisation of

      RTO courses designed to suit specific industry target cohorts

  • Current, up-to-date, flexible self-paced learning programs that can be delivered in the workplace

      and designed to meet the needs of industry skills outcomes

  • Effective collaboration and consultation with relevant industry stakeholders
  • Continuous improvement strategies proven to deliver great results through following the four-step

Quality model referred to as - Plan-Do-Check-Act (Dr W. Edwards Deming PDCA cycle)

  • Organisations with opportunities to exponentially increase work productivity through providing

professional development, coaching, mentoring and leadership skills for management and staff

  • Informative and fun public speaking presentations to suit a variety of professional business needs.




         “…..if I trust the capacity of the human individual for developing their own potentiality then I can provide them with many opportunities and permit them to choose their own way and their own direction in their learning” (Adapted from: Carl Rogers – Freedom To Learn (1983:127)







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